Today’s Tips

Here’s a handy list of tips to make your life easier… Check back often for more useful ideas about everything from baby care to travel!

Has your baby or toddler recently received a bunch of toys for a birthday or holiday? Don’t give them to him all at once. Store some for later so you always have a special treat on hand when you need it. It keeps the novelty of the toys plus it doesn’t overwhelm a child the way receiving too much at one time can.

Cut small pieces of lemon rind (not too big to cause a jam) and periodically run them through your garbage disposal. The acid in the lemon breaks down buildup and also deodorizes the inside of the disposal.

Let’s face it, we keep our smart phones handy but that big baby book you bought when you were pregnant isn’t exactly as convenient. Create a note in your phone for Baby Milestones and jot down in quick list form each date and moment you want to remember. For example, “3/30 Jack said ball for the first time” Then later when you have time to put that baby book together, you’ll have all the moments recorded in one spot!

Keep a “trunk box” in your car that with items you’d normally keep in your purse, luggage or baby bag. Include items you always need that can always stay in the car regardless of weather: Diapers, wipes, first aid items, disinfectant wipes, hand sanitizer, plastic utensils, tissues and paper towels, a spare bag for garbage, pens and paper, a small sewing kit, a poncho, umbrella, extra socks, etc. Whatever if-I’m-on-a-desert-island items should be in there! You can shop and walk with a much lighter load if you keep the bulkier necessities in the car.

When your child has a fever, store a container of baby wipes in the fridge briefly and rub the chilled, moist wipes on their forehead and face to cool them down.

Are your “Mommy showers” so fast you can barely wash your hair? For those extra speedy days, try a 2in1 shampoo & conditioner to get two steps done in one shot. Pantene Daily Moisture Renewal Nutri Silk Complex is a good one!

When air traveling with kids, consider skipping the pre-board (even though a perk of toting your little ones around is enticing!) If you choose to board at the end instead, you and your little ones are not stuck inside the stationery airplane the entire time the rest of the plane is boarding, which can be a long, noisy, stressful experience… for your kids and you.

Lie or lay? Simple grammar rule, easy to remember: People tell lies, but objects don’t (because they don’t talk!) So… Steve is going to his room to lie down… but first he will lay the book on the table.

Keep nuts and seeds in airtight containers in the refrigerator to prolong their life and avoid their oil to cause spoiling.