Ever since I was a little girl and my Dad told me colorful tales at bedtime, I’ve always loved stories. As I got older, I found people’s real-life stories fascinating, and I was drawn to writing. imageI started writing in high school, studied it in college, and landed some exciting jobs in public relations and print and broadcast journalism after graduation. Lifestyle and human interest stories — like the ones you’ll find here — were always my favorites. And interviewing people was the greatest part of my job. I got to find out what makes people tick and then play storyteller as I shared their intriguing tales.

When the eternal student in me yearned to go back to school, my favorite college professor encouraged me to go into Social Work. My background in journalism furthered my inherent interest in people and the human story, which is what social work is all about. I received my Master’s of Science in Social Work (MSW) from Columbia University and focused my training on clinical mental health practice. For fifteen years, I worked as a psychotherapist, specializing in child, adolescent, and family therapy. It was intense and challenging but an incredible experience, and now I enjoy writing about parenting from both a personal and professional perspective.

Of all the hats I wear, nothing can compare to being a Mommy! After I had my son Jack, I realized it was time to reinvent my career, so I returned to my roots as a writer. I started freelancing as a writer and editor, began work on my children’s book, and conceived and birthed this blog!

This site is a collection of stories about what makes life interesting: The beauty (and beastly) of parenthood; interviews with amazing people; lifestyle articles about everything from entertainment to organic food. There’s a story here for everyone.

Welcome to a site that will enlighten you, inspire you, and quench your thirst for positivity. Because we all need a regular dose of good news.

Thanks for visiting and please follow along!

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DISCLAIMER: Although I am a licensed therapist, advice on this site is given in a general sense and should not be considered a substitute for individual treatment. Anyone needing parenting or mental health services should personally consult with a licensed clinician for an individualized assessment.