Top 10 Reasons to Look Forward to Disney+


For more than a year, we’ve been hearing about the highly anticipated streaming service from Disney called Disney+.  And in just two weeks, the wait will be over!

On November 12, subscribers will be able to connect to more Disney entertainment than we could ever wish upon a star for. From Disney classics to the more recently acquired franchises, there will truly be something on Disney+ for everyone in your family to increase their Disney obsession and further the company’s world domination. (Kidding. Sort of.)

But with more than thousands of titles to pick from, where does a new subscriber start? I’ve put together a top ten list of what I think are the biggest draws of Disney+ , which will hopefully help you make your very own must-watch list. Many of these will start streaming on day one, while others will release during the first year of Disney+.

Happy streaming, Disney fans!

10. Fox —  From classic Fox movies (my fave) like The Sound of Music to cult-favorites like 30 years of The Simpsons, the new acquisition of Fox will bring this wide range of entertainment to fans of every taste. Word is Disney will even be rebooting Fox’s Home Alone for the streaming service.

9. Educational Shows — With National Geographic shows and beautiful documentaries from Disney Nature (like our favorite Disney Nature’s Penguins,) parents will enjoy showing their kids programming that inspires and educates about our world.

8. Marvel — The ultimate superhero franchise is now all in one place thanks to Disney+, with old favorites and new shows. Whether you want to see End Game for the tenth time or you need to familiarize yourself with previous movies before seeing the conclusion, all your Marvel is all in one place here, in addition to new Marvel shows made just for Disney+.

7. Star Wars — Though I’m not the ultimate Star Wars fanatic, my son is MsVrnP3UXNtVjwMwZdDMTB-320-80becoming fascinated with this cult-phenomenon so access to all the movies is a huge help to educating us! True fans will delight in having all the classics in one place, plus new shows like The Mandalorian.

6. Classic Series — I don’t know about you, but the ability to see Eric Matthews do the Feeny call anytime I like is incentive enough to subscribe. Yup, fan favorite series like Boy Meets World will be included in your Disney+ subscription. Other classics from the past thirty years include the original Duck Tales and Goof Troop. Now if they’ll just add The All New Mickey Mouse Club from 1989, my Xennial dreams will come true!!

5. Disney Pixar — Finally, Pixar has a home! Like many of you, we are big Pixar fans around here, so it’s exciting that early classics and recent hits like The Incredibles will all be on Disney+.  The ownership of Pixar also allows for new shows featuring our favorite Pixar friends, including the Monsters Inc. spinoff series Monsters at Work and the Toy Story 4 spinoff Forky Asks a Question.

4. New Releases — One of the highlights of a totally Disney streaming service will be the ability to access new releases as soon as they leave theatres. Disney+ will be the exclusive streaming home of most new releases, which is a big + for movie buffs as well as those who missed flicks in the theatres.

3. Original Series and Movies — As mentioned earlier, many fan Screenshot_2019-10-29-17-41-48_kindlephoto-30411265favorite series and franchises are getting spinoffs on Disney+, which will make fans of every generation happy. In addition to Star Wars spinoffs and revivals of classic animated movies, a reboot of the 90’s Disney Channel series Lizzie McGuire is underway as well as shorts called Lamp Life which is supposed to explain some of Bo Peep’s whereabouts between Toy Story 2 and 4. (Yes, please, we’ve been wondering!)

2. Original Documentaries and Specials — The Disney-themed reality shows and documentary specials coming to Disney+ are super exciting to me. Shows like Magic of Animal Kingdom and The Imagineering Story will the-imagineering-story-disney-plusgive viewers a chance to see favorite Disney magic in a new light. If you like Disney Eats like my son and I do, Be Our Chef is a reality Disney-themed cooking competition held in Walt Disney World. (Sign. Me. Up!) The special I cannot wait for is One Day at Disney, which highlights a day in the life of cast members bringing the magic to life in Disney theme parks and throughout the Walt Disney Company.

1. Those Vaulted Disney Classics –– Many classic Disney films are hard to get your hands on nowadays, but Disney+ is going to help with that. From Bambi to The Little Mermaid, parents can now show their kids those classic Disney stories which unite generations. Unprecedented access to movies like these are a beautiful highlight of this broad streaming service.


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