Motherhood Is….

Just when you thought you had the most challenging job in the world, the universe goes and throws a global pandemic at you, forcing mothers all over the world to stay inside with their kids 24/7.

Yup, these past couple of months have certainly been interesting for us mamas. And as Mothers Day approaches, this quarantine has given me a lot more time to recognize and think about everything motherhood entails. It’s helped me better appreciate the beauty — not just the beastly — of this incredibly important role.

So what is this crazy experience called motherhood? What does it mean to you? I started jotting down what it means to me during my free time (bahahaha! made ya look! there’s no such thing as “free time” in motherhood! ) And I came up with everything from the sweet to the silly. Here are some of the ideas that come to my mind when I think about this amazing ride we call motherhood.

Motherhood is . . . . 

  • feeling the purest form of love from the most innocent little humans.
  • those moments when you hear yourself called “Mom” and still can’t believe how cool that is.
  • embodying the phrase “whatever it takes.”
  • learning how to see the world through the wondrous eyes of a child.
  • finding human feet repulsive, but sniffing and nibbling baby toes every chance possible.
  • being the personal assistant to a much younger, often opinionated boss.
  • effortlessly catching toddler vomit in one hand while holding your dinner plate in the other.
  • the excitement of envisioning your children’s gifts turn into their future.
  • realizing that your child is what drives you nuts as well as what helps you keep it together.
  • enjoying the sweetest, simplest things in life like bedtime lullabies, fresh new crayons, and breezy walks together.
  • the embodiment of selflessness.
  • feeling like a world-renowned chef when your smallest food critics praise your cooking and knowing those tastes will stay with them when they’re old and grey.
  • learning to love yourself, flaws and all, the way your children love you.
  • understanding why grocery shopping with kids is like an Olympic sport.
  • thinking about every word you say and every move you make more than you ever did before.
  • never having a hot meal that is still hot by the time you get to eat it.
  • caring for your child more than anything or anybody else.
  • mastering the art of interjecting “Wow,” and “That’s awesome” throughout a small person’s rambling 20 minute story.
  • wanting to be the best version of yourself for your child.
  • the fire inside you to defend your child against anyone or anything.
  • desperately waiting for bedtime to have some alone time and then staring at their sweet sleeping faces and gushing over the cute pictures you posted of them on Instagram.
  • knowing and loving that unmistakably unique scent of your child’s skin and hair.
  • waking up to a tiny foot on your forehead and a small person in your bed.
  • looking in your children’s eyes and thinking, “Where did this new little person come from?!”
  • being unfazed by boogers, poop, or vomit on your hands or clothes.
  • wanting the last piece of pizza (cake, candy, insert favorite treat here) but giving it to your child instead.
  • making a fool of yourself in front of thousands of people in Disney World to get youd kids to smile in a photo.
  • cramming 12 hours of adulthood into the time between your children’s bedtime and your own.
  • staying up at night to watch a fever, and wishing you had it instead.
  • the excitement you feel setting up toys at Christmas or wrapping birthday surprises.
  • spending hours cooking a meal that’s devoured in 15 minutes and immediately followed by requests for snacks.
  • being amazed that anyone can adore you and look up to you as much as your children do.
  • the motivation to be as good a human as your children see you.
  • the living definition of unconditional love 💓


What is motherhood to you? Share in the comments! And Happy Mother’s Day!


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