My Thankful List


I’m thankful for so much, but there are some things that make me happy most often. It’s really the simple things in life (and all the things that make life simple!) that make me happiest! I made a thankful list with my top happy things for which I’m thankful…from the silliest to the most important. I’m sure I’ll add to this list as I think of more!

What are you most thankful for? I’d love to hear from you! Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

My son
Having a healthy child
The privilege of being a parent
Sunny days
A squeezing hug around the neck from my toddler
Clearance sales
The smell of bread baking
Being an American and living in a country where I know my family and I are safe and free
Disney World, my happiest place on earth. Especially Small World, Main Street, Mickey shaped food, Dole Whips, and the crisp, clean smells that are uniquely Disney                                                                         Things that are super colorful
My iPhone and iPad
Unseasonably warm weather
Listening to the ocean on a clean, quiet beach
My son nestling his head in my shoulder when he’s tired
Gift cards
Park days with my boy
Having honest, loyal, good people for my parents                            Crafting with my toddler
Toast with melty butter
Warm soft pretzels
My happy son’s smile and his giggling laugh
Apple Pay
My good health
Looking at, smelling, and eating fresh, colorful fruits and vegetables
Standing in an open field with no traffic or noise around
Organic milk
Having “me time” during nap time
Olive oil
Being amazed regularly at my son’s vocabulary and smarts
Cookies…really any kind, but especially chocolate chip, shortbread, and oatmeal
New pajamas
Automatic sinks, soap, and paper towels in public bathrooms
Snow flurries that are pretty but don’t make it too cold or stick too much
Italian food
Movie theaters with recliner seats and hot food
The pleasant surprise of an uncrowned mall, movie theater, train, food store… (really insert any place here)
Cuddling with my son and reading him a story                                  Peanut butter                                                                                              Clifford the Big Red Dog, who teaches my son great lessons, makes him so happy, and calms him down when I need a hand
Good manners
My son calling me “Mama”                                                                      Crunchy pretzels with cheese
No rain on my parties, vacations, or special days
The American Flag
A ten minute drive-thru oil change from Valvoline without even having to get my baby out of the car
A hot shower
Salty cashews, soft pecans, and crunchy walnuts with raisins
Nice people
My car’s GPS which I never thought I needed but gets me around places I’d never find without it
A big bottle of water when I’m really thirsty
Not having to wait on line
Restaurants with online ordering
Supermarkets with bountiful shelves
Listening to my son singing in the backseat of the car
Birthday parties
Making someone happy with a simple action
PBS Kids
A full refrigerator and full bellies
Digital pictures
Self checkouts at the store
Seeing familiar, friendly faces at places I frequent
Whole Foods Market
Realizing that a void in my life has been filled since I became a mom 😍


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