What’s On Your Kids’ Playlists?


My son has always been really into music. I attribute it to all the musical exposure he had during the many hours I spent commuting while I was pregnant with him! But it’s something that makes me very happy to see. Watching a baby, toddler, or young child instinctively move to music is such a beautiful thing!

Jack is now at an age where he is getting even more interested in learning about music. He loves talking about “cd-ers” (as he calls them) and although music stores are not that common anymore, we enjoy browsing the CD section of Barnes & Noble together.

Creating playlists for Jack has helped encourage his love of music. And they’re so helpful to me! Whether you’re in the car and need some entertainment for your squirming toddlers, or you’re trying to get a little one to nap with a favorite lullaby, playlists are a lifesaver. Jack now knows where to find his own playlists on my iPhone and iPad too.

While I include favorite adult, mainstream songs (only the G-rated of course,) I really like finding music that is especially for children. There’s something about these songs and children’s artists that just exude the innocence of childhood.

Here are some of Jack’s playlist faves:

  • The best songs from Disney movies including Toy Story (“You’ve Got a Friend in Me,” “Strange Things,” “Woody’s Roundup,” “We Belong Together”), Cars (“Life is a Highway”), Tangled (“I’ve Got a Dream”), and Moana (“You’re Welcome”)
  • Laurie Berkner songs. She is fabulous! Her voice is lovely, her music is sweet but not obnoxious, and she has an effortless way of having fun with kids. We love many but “Under a Shady Tree” and “I’m Gonna Catch You” are favorites and “Laurie’s Got a Pig on Her Head” just cracks my son up in that perfectly innocent childlike way I’m talking about.
  • Daniel Tiger songs are just beautifully written and teach awesome lessons while still being entertaining. There are so many moments when we remind Jack of helpful lessons by singing songs like “Grownups Come Back,” “You’re Big Enough to Think of What to Do,” or “Good Night Daniel”
  • The Wiggles are a classic. I know not all moms and dads love these guys, but you can’t beat singing “Fruit Salad” with your toddler when you’re chopping up his banana!
  • My all-time favorite lullabies (for myself too!) are without lyrics and combine classical music with nature sounds. If you ever need a go-to lullaby, try Dan Gibson’s Solitudes. They are so relaxing they’ll make you fall asleep too!

So have you created special playlists for your kids? What are some of your favorite kids’ music? I’d love to know in the comments section!

Happy listening everyone!

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