Disney’s 2019 Streaming: More Mouse for Your Buck


In late 2017, Disney announced that they will be launching its own streaming app in 2019. What does that mean for loyal Netflix monthly subscribers like us? Don’t be surprised if your favorite Disney shows start gradually disappearing from that list of what “Everyone’s Watching.”

When first announced, this sounded like a gyp. America’s favorite streaming service losing tons of content including recent additions like Moana and Cars 3 (which is selected  multiple times a week in my house.) And yet another monthly fee to add to all the other monthly subscriptions that have started to take over our financial lives.

But not so fast. While little details have been released on Disney’s streaming service, there are a lot of clues indicating that this may be an entertainment choice of good value.

Here’s the lowdown:

  • Disney will start its streaming service with about 500 movies and more than 7,000 TV episodes…and that’s just the start.
  • Anything and everything Disney is invited to the party. That means everything… from animated classics like Dumbo to live action classics like The Shaggy Dog… from huge Disney Pixar hits to Marvel and Star Wars too.
  • Since blockbusters like Toy Story aren’t even available on Netflix, access to the Disney streaming service will more than make up for the deletion of the select amount Netflix currently has.
  • The service will be attractive to even non-Disney-fanatics since all of the Disney related content will be pulled from other streaming.
  • Having access to all Disney content will be less expensive in the long run than repeated rentals or the purchase of DVDs or downloads.
  • Disney will feature its own original TV shows and movies made specifically for the streaming service.
  • Hopefully, a subscription won’t be priced as high as dinner in the Magic Kingdom. While no prices have been released, believe it or not, Disney hinted that the monthly subscription fee will be “substantially lower” than Netflix because they will only have about 25% the total content. Some experts speculate a monthly fee of about $7.99.

While all of these incentives remain to be seen, it’s starting to look more worthwhile to me than I originally thought. The simple luxury of having my kids’ favorite movies on hand anytime cuts the costs of our repeated rentals or downloads…and repeated explanations as to why Buzz and Woody aren’t on Netflix.

So what do you think? Will you be looking into joining Disney’s new streaming service in 2019?

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