Ideas for a Creative, Inexpensive Mothers Day

It’s almost here.

That special day once a year when husbands and children are expected to give Mom a break in return for the 248 hours she claims to have been in labor.

Moms do it all… they give life, feed, nurture, and protect. And they’re used to the fact that most of their lives now revolve around the rest of their family. There are few gifts that will match the sacrifices moms make everyday, so maybe thinking outside the Amazon box is a little smarter. 

Oftentimes, what moms want isn’t available at the mall. I’ve thought about my simplest Mother’s Day daydreams and put together this list of creative ways you can celebrate the moms in your life. They are all about thoughtfulness and originality, they involve the whole family, and they’re feasible on any budget. So no excuses…now show your mama some love!

  • Honeydo Her List. There is nothing more exciting than when your partner announces his plans to accomplish something constructive. Spouses and kids alike know what mom really wants done… so come together and do it! Let her know you’re all going to focus on getting chores done while she does absolutely nothing. So clean that room, fix that faucet, plant those shrubs, and watch her smile.
  • Pack a picnic. A Mother’s Day meal together as a family is a nice, traditional way to celebrate mom. But making a reservation doesn’t show a whole lot of effort and costs a fortune too. Ordering a casual meal to go and packing the ambiance for the park can be a thoughtful, inexpensive way to share a special meal on a nice May afternoon while still getting out of the house. Just be sure to include all the details to make it extra special. Pack a beautiful blanket and flowers, or better yet a folding table and chairs with a tablecloth and disposable but pretty place settings! Plus, the park comes with built-in kid entertainment: the kids can play while mom relaxes or mom and dad enjoy some quiet time together. Be sure to check out my favorite picnic inspiration on Pinterest!
  • Go somewhere you hate. You heard me. There has to be somewhere Mom loves that the fam always complains about. Today’s your turn to make a sacrifice for her. Whether it’s a show she’s been talking about, a museum she loves, or a vegan cafe that makes dad and the kids squirm, come together and decide to take this one for Team Mom. It’ll make her day. Just one rule: no whining.
  • Favorite Things Basket. Spend some time showing this special lady how well you know her, and put together a bunch of her favorite things in a beautifully wrapped basket. While she might fancy diamonds and Prada pumps, you don’t need expensive favorites to achieve the thoughtfulness of this basket. Mom’s favorite cookies, bottled water, magazines, bubble bath, lip gloss and nail polish color all fit nicely into this present and really show how much you pay attention! It’s a great way for kids to learn how to think about someone else’s tastes and feelings. And if Dad can splurge a bit, throw in a gift card to one of Mom’s favorite places.
  • Kid Art. I know, that macaroni jewelry box is attracting bugs and you already have seventeen scribbled masterpieces cluttering up your fridge, so this isn’t exactly your favorite suggestion. But in the name of creativity, try kicking the kid art gift up a notch and watch Mom smile.  Molds of your littlest one’s feet or handprint ornaments are novel ways to create a gift for Mom that she’ll appreciate looking back on when the kids are bigger. Framing special artwork is another good one, and if Dad can spare the cash he might even want to bring the kids for a professional photo shoot as a surprise for Mom. While drawings and pictures may seem played out, these gifts can shine if approached with a little creativity. And don’t forget, at the end of the day, those growing babies are what matters most to Mom. After all, Mothers Day is all about the special relationship she shares with the little loves who call her Mommy.

Happy Mothers Day!!!

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